iSWOOP Implementation in National Parks: Perspectives from Park Leaders, Interpreters, Visitors, and Scientists

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Evaluation reports can be found here:
Interpreter Study | Scientist Study | Visitor Study | Leader Study



Talking Visuals in a Digital Age

Legacy Magazine Sept/Oct 2019





Shaping Outreach and Education Collaborations with National Park Interpreters (Scientists’ Outreach Preferences)

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Tips in Words and Drawings: Launching Outreach Partnerships in National Parks

Based on work with scientists and park interpreters to increase appreciation for scientists’ work and for parks as outdoor labs, we have some hard-won insights. We wrote up our tips and illustrated them for a quick read designed to help you navigate the complexity of NPS, avoid some pitfalls, set up students and colleagues for success, and to bring forth a smile.


Diverse Audiences

Finding a Way Forward: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Indiana Dunes National Park, Report on iSWOOP and People of Color Leaders at the Dunes, Forming Equitable Partnerships

Research Briefs through Interpreters’ Eyes

An examination of how the familiar and concise research brief can be a tool for interpretive park rangers dedicated to increasing the visibility of science research for the public at large.

Visitor Interest Activity–iSWOOP Instrument Development and Piloting

Report 2018-2019

This version includes report on the pilot with English-speaking families in 2018 and with Spanish-speaking families in 2019.  

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Summer 2018

This version includes the instruments, the protocol, and the report on the pilot with English-speaking families.

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Bilingual Interview and Activity Sheet

This version includes the instruments and the protocol used with Spanish-speaking families in 2019.



Papers from the symposium, Science in the Public Eye: Leveraging Partnerships.

Download the full magazine: Legacy Magazine July/August 2017

iSWOOP 2018 in Review and 2019 Plans

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Articles featured in the George Wright Forum 

Interpreters’ needs for science information

Download Seeking Park-based Science Information: Interpreters at the Gate

 Strategies and challenges behind communicating science to the public

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Journal of Interpretation Research

Roving with a Digital Visual Library: Increased Learning Opportunities at Carlsbad Caverns National Park

iSWOOP Professional Development

Year in Review Fall 2017

Two page summary January 2014-October 2014 of pilot at Carlsbad Caverns National Park (CAVE) 

Advisors Report Jan 2014

Advisors Report 2014

National Park Service newsletter features iSWOOP

2015 Winter Spring

To be more inquisitive in the natural world

Evaluation of the Interpreters and Scientists Working on Our Parks, (iSWOOP) pathways project

iSWOOP’s external evaluator has completed her report and provided an executive summary:_iswoopexecsum92115_FiNAL