Jean Lafitte National Park

Avian biologist Katie Percy removes litter and cleans out nest boxes with Melinda McFarland

If you visit the Barataria Preserve, part of the Jean Lafitte National Park, you can experience a mosaic of habitats and you may be lucky enough to hear about the bright yellow songbird, also known as the Prothonotary warblerResearcher Katie Percy, is one of several avian biologists tracking the habits and habitat use of these birds in an effort to predict how changes in the coastal ecosystem might affect them and other residents of the area.  

In a war over land, losing territory at the rate of a football field every hour would be alarming, but with no human enemy, there’s only a faint outcry over Louisiana’s current rate of coastal habitat loss.  Prepare to hear more about it. Katie Percy, National Park rangers and iSWOOP team are paying attention. Using apps and nesting boxes the public too can play a role in assisting wader-wearing, nano-tag marking, map-making researchers like Percy.

Citizen science opportunities abound!

Katie Percy tweets! Follow the life of an avian biologist @katielpercy

Katie in action at Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve

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